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A Difficult Art

Painting in watercolor is difficult due to the nature of the medium. It takes true talent and nurtured skill to create quality watercolor paintings. Laurence Sisson has proven to be an unparalleled master of the craft.

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In His Own Words

Learning about the creative process of an artist can be a learning experience. Here, an interview allows you to read the words of our gifted watercolor artist as he said them, providing insight into this rare and amazing talent.

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Learn About Laurence Sisson Watercolors

Laurence Sisson Watercolors in Santa Fe, New Mexico, specializes in paintings from a gifted watercolor artist. Although Laurence was born in Boston, he spent a large part of his life in the Boothbay Harbor area of Maine. He was trained at the Worcester Museum of Art School, as well as through a scholarship to Yale Summer School. He is a member of the American Watercolor Society, the Boston Watercolor Society, and the New Jersey Painters and Sculptors Society. He has worked as a professional artist for more than 65 years.


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